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The Active Passive Trainer (APT) is a family of unique exercise rehabilitation trainers for upper or lower limbs. The APT offers benefits that rehabilitation professionals expect from a medical device that is quality engineered and FDA and CE registered. The APT is commonly used in physiotherapy clinics in the USA and around the world and over the years multiple clinical studies have confirmed the benefits of the trainer.

The wide range of exercise options makes the APT suitable for use by the healthy and independent senior citizen for the maintenance of fitness and physical well-being, and also for the physically impaired of all ages, as part of a planned rehabilitation program and as a supplement to physiotherapy.

The Active Passive Trainer has been in use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers for over 25 years and is now available for home use so that you can continue your rehabilitation, without having to leave your home.

For less than the price of a coffee a day, you can own a personal medical trainer to be used in the comfort and safety of your own home, away from the crowds, and continue your rehabilitation at your own pace. The trainers are available for purchase, or you can lease a unit and we will ship it directly to your home.


Tele-Apt: Grow in Strength, Tell your Healthcare Provider

When you use the APT Trainer as part of a physiotherapy program, you will want to share your progress with your healthcare providers. The Grow & Tell App lets you grow in your abilities and to share your progress with others. Just install the app on your Android tablet or smartphone or connect your smart TV via an HDMI connector to start your grow and tell journey.

How can I benefit from using an APT?

Over the past 25 years we have watched users build productive lives using our trainers. These engineered medical devices are built with multiple features to provide you with the most tools to help your particular condition.  Multiple clinical studies have confirmed the benefits of the APT Trainer.

A program of exercise with an APT can improve balance, fatigue and depression as well as reducing the fear of falling.


Studies have shown that use of an APT can improve walking endurance and speed for patients with chronic stroke. 


Use of an APT can improve leg blood flow velocity, spasticity, reflex excitability and joint range of motion. 

APT can independently improve gait and cognitive inhibition in sedentary patients.

A program of exercising with an APT can improve the motor disorder by reducing muscle tone…

The Active Passive Trainer (APT) is a family of unique exercise rehabilitation trainers for upper or lower limbs.

How can I benefit from using an APT?

Increases range of motion

The APT trainer facilitates the performance of repetitive movements of the upper and lower extremities. Using the Passive and Passive Assist modes enables users to moderately increase the passive range of motion of the major joints. Once obtained, a novel range of motion should be followed by Active Mode training for muscle conditioning


Reduces spasms

Passive and Passive Assist modes facilitate slow and controlled rhythmic movements of the extremities. Users with increased muscle tone due to neurological conditions may benefit from using these modes.  Training with the Passive Assist and Active mods may increase muscle strength and reduce the demanded effort for performing movements.

Improves walking capabilities

Training with the APT helps to improve walking distance and speed. This improvement is achieved mainly by improving the aerobic capacity of the circulatory and respiratory systems, along with increasing the major muscles’ resistance to fatigue.

Increases muscle strength

The APT trainer enables muscle strength training by concentrically flexing and extending the main joints of the extremities, using five distinct levels of resistance. Additionally, trunk muscle strength and postural control can improve while sitting unsupported.

FDA Registered Rehabilitation Trainer

The road may seem insurmountable, but know that you are not the first to be in this position. Thousands of users have found that movement therapy can help achieve goals at home with the aid of medical rehabilitation training devices. The APT Trainer was developed specifically to help with movement therapy.

Key Features and Benefits of the APT Trainer

Active Training

Active training, user activity rotates the pedals against pre-set resistance

Passive Training

Passive Training, APT moves the user’s limbs at pre-set adjustable speeds

Passive Assist Training

Passive Assist, the user increases the pre-set speed, actively

Upper or lower training

APT can be used with both the upper limbs (arms) or lower limbs (legs)

Improve strength and endurance

Active training improves the user’s strength and endurance

Improve blood circulation and muscle tone

The movement of the limbs increases blood circulation and improves muscle tone

Increased range of motion

Rotation of the limbs using the APT increases the user’s range of motion

Decrease spasms and swelling

The movement of the limbs can reduce spasms and reduce swelling

Auto reverse feature ensures release of seized muscles

If a muscle seizes, the APT stops rotation and automatically reverses direction

Five speeds for passive exercising

The APT has 5 preset rotation speeds for the optimal individual speed setting

Five levels of resistance for active exercising

The APT has five preset resistance settings for the optimal individual setting

Adjustable radius of rotation of hand grips or footrest

The radius can be adjusted to enables the user to select the individual range of motion

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