Newly designed, ergonomic, portable & foldable, indoor & outdoor electric scooter! The Titan provides a unique combination of performance, comfort and portability. Experience its speed, comfort ride suspension and ease of transport. 

Allows you to keep an independent, spontaneous and active life.
Foldable and detachable in seconds without effort or bending!

Compact, highly maneuverable, allowing it to be transferred easily into a car, a bus, a train or a plane.
Ergonomic location of battery pack. 
Solid tires.

Easy to transport as one piece or as two pieces
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Technical Specifications
1 Turtle / Rabbit Quick Flip Speed Switch
2 Battery Gage Indicator
3 Adjustable Tiller Lever. (Virtual Adjustment)
4 Halogen Head Light
5 Status Indicator LED
6 Hazard Lights
7 Throttle
8 Durable Rubber & Neoprene Hand Grips
9 High Frequency Horn
10 Full Range Speed Adjustment Dial
11 Full Light Package Controls
12 Keyed Ignition
The Titan's battery packs are located in the back over the back wheels and are easily removed by simply lifting up. There are no latches, pins or wires for you to contend with.
​ ​
Carrying capacity:
300 lbs 136 kg
Length: 55 inch 139 cm
Width: 24 inch 61 cm
Height: 38 inches 97 cm
Total weight: 156 lbs 71 kg
Front frame: 49 lbs 24 kg
Rear frame: 52 lbs 25 kg
Battery Weight:    
26A/h battery x2: 24 lbs each 9.5 kg each
Battery Range: up to 15.5 miles up to 25 km

Available in 4 colors

Cup holder
Rear basket
Accessory holder
Crutch holder
Off board charging adapter
Rear view mirror
Titan3 Scooter
The Titan3 is a scooter with High performance 3 wheel scooter with a weight capacity of 136kg. The (Two) High Performance battery packs play a large roll in performance delivering plenty of power at all times. Both battery packs are light weight and easily placed on and off the Titan3