When it comes to easy mobility solutions, Tzora Active Systems Ltd is a leader in easy-to-load, solution: lightweight, divided and folding mobility scooters.
For 25 years, we manufacture user-friendly, lightweight & crafted models that can be easily brought anywhere.
Regardless of whether you’re just running daily errands or traveling with your family, with Easy Travel Scooters you can move around freely.

Take It Easy with you anywhere

The most lightweight scooters in the market that can be easily placed in any car, bus, train, or checked on the airplane.


Take apart and fold or divides just in few seconds without bending or operating another mechanism like using a remote control (that might broke and weighs a lot). Easily load each part – weighing 35 lbs only


sunset on the pier, take your grandkids to the park or just go shopping? With our scooters you can move independently indoors and outdoors

Reliable Companion

Our quick and powerful scooters designed for comfort and functionality (crafted simply but strong).
Service all over the US
FDA CLEARD for medical devices

Tzora rehabilitation solution

Since 1995, Tzora Active Systems has been creating innovative solutions in medical rehabilitation devices and mobility products and is considered to be a global leader in the development of these devices. Tzora sells its products to more than 30 countries around the world, with the majority of sales in the United States and Europe.

Tzora’s flagship smart exercising machine is the APT (Active Passive Trainer) that provides rehabilitation workouts using either active or passive mode to people who want to make improvements in their physical or mental health.

The APT is backed up by over 100 clinical studies, which show that movement training can improve patient quality of life. The APT has been awarded US and European certifications, including ISO 13845, CE and FDA medical device. rehabilitation>>

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Tzora Rehabilitation


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