APT 5 – Active Passive Trainer

Physical training and daily movement are the most common and important medicine of all.

The comfort from mobility difficulties and limitations of movement or stability can be found as a substitute for regular physical activity.

A decrease in physical activity causes a decrease in cardiopulmonary functions, blood circulation problems, shortening of the ducts, spasticity, joint stiffness, contractures, bone and muscle thinning, loss of control of the sphincters and mental and cognitive impairment, a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Seriously, more disabled people are exposed to active passive training devices –

These devices enable physical training and rehabilitative sports even for injured or paralyzed limbs.

The APT device:

It is an active-passive training device that helps to move injured or paralyzed limbs, in a rotational movement, similar to a biped. This training is recommended by doctors and physiotherapists all over the world as a substitute for walking and basic exercise for those who have difficulty walking.

Active-passive training will contribute to a sense of vitality and mental and cognitive improvement,

Improvement of cardiopulmonary functions, blood flow, adequate oxygenation, metabolism and essential metabolism,

will reduce a decrease in control over the brackets,

will reduce blockages and inflammations of the intestines and urinary tract

will reduce the risk of forming pressure sores and ischemia wounds.

It will prevent shortening of tendons, loss of mobility and involuntary tonus increase

spasticity and joint stiffness

will reduce osteoporosis, calcium loss and fractures.

While enjoying hundreds of hours of training, disabled people in Israel already train at home every day.

Many disabled people report a great improvement in joint function, reduction of spasticity and improvement in heart and lung functions.

Improves movement in the joints.
Increases blood flow in the body and cardiopulmonary functions.
Studies prove that an active-passive form of training improves and optimizes the operation of the upper and lower limbs.

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