Model DST8000
Shipment dimensions: 210x104x72cm (83x42x30in)
Weight: 250Kg (550 lbs)
Stair width (regular): 74 cm (29 inches)
Stair height range: 0-16.5 cm (0-6.5 inches)
Capacity (static): 300 Kg (660 lbs)
Electrical requirements 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 4A max
Operating interval: 2 min on / 18 min off
Regulatory compliance: IEC 601-1 CE, UL (motor, controls)
Max Width: 90 cm./35.5 in.
Max Length: with regular slope: 250 cm./98.5 in.
with RSR: 280 cm./110 in.
with LHR: 310 cm./122 in