Active passive trainer for all 4 limbs
Option for all different options of active and passive training for all limbs, active hands and legs, active hand and passive legs, vice versa or fully passive!
10 Different passive speeds or active resistance levels!

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The I Motion is designed with a choice of upper, lower or total body exercising, the I-Motion is a smart, electric powered trainer that offers a drive resistant patented unit, automatically increasing resistance as you increase the speed of rotation. Enabling combined or separated arms/legs workout, the I-Motion allows you to combine active or passive exercise for upper and lower
limbs, simultaneously. In passive mode it allows you to passively exercise lower limbs while actively exercise upper limbs and vice versa.


  • Maintain muscle strength and tone, flexibility, endurance and general fitness by users with various physical difficulties
  • Allows stronger extremities to assist weaker ones
  • Enables combined or separate active or passive workouts for upper and lower limbs, simultaneously
  • Auto reverse feature (anti-spasm) ensures release of seized muscles in passive mode
  • Integrated transport wheels make it easy to be moved
  • Drive resistance unit offers dynamic resistance/speed ratio
  • Control display unit features multiple program levels with bio-feedback
  • Display feedback: Time, heart rate, METs/ calories, distance (miles/km), RPM, Power (watts)

Adjustable & Accessible

  • Seat assembly slides off allowing direct wheelchair access
  • Wheelchair platform eases the entrance of wheelchair and provides more stability
  • Easy to adjust seat height and distance
  • Ergonomic design. The angle of the I-Motion body can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort for the user during exercises
  • 4 positions for hand grips and footrests allowing varied radius of movement
  • Parallel workout option



Technical information