My name is Dorit Avital,
I am so pleased with my lightweight scooter.
It is lightweight and easy to load on our vehicle. I go with it everywhere. I especially enjoy bringing it to my children’s house, unloading it out of the car, and taking my grandkids to the playground

Dear Tzora Team
Up until a while ago, I had a folding scooter from So…. It was a beautiful scooter, but I had a difficult time lifting it to my vehicle.
Since I bought your classic mobility scooter, I enjoy being free. I can easily take it anywhere. My wife can split it in seconds and easily load it into the cab’s trunk. You changed my life. Thanks!

I took your scooter (Elite) on a trip and it was very comfortable took your scooter (Elite) on a trip and it was very comfortable. I enjoyed it so much from the sites like all the people on the trip. My husband easily loaded and unloaded it because it is light and divides with ease. The highlight was that we tied it to the back of a camel and took it with us to Petra sites in Jordan. It was so exciting


I was temporarily disabled with a broken knee I had a 6- week cruise and land trip to Tahiti, Hawaii and Japan scheduled. I did not want to cancel it. The scooter was a perfect option. It transported easily on the airlines and was essential on the cruise ship. In Japan, a very handicap friendly country, the scooter allowed me to go absolutely everywhere. I have raved about the scooter during the trip. Everyone who saw it on the ship and ashore wanted one. I have referred numerous people to your product. I am walking again, but I will keep this scooter for the future in case I’ll need it. I absolutely love it and I will be an ongoing source of reference.

After six months of ownership of one of your Titan models, I just wanted to share mine and other’s thoughts about your product. First and foremost, the airline industry is really, really impressed with this scooter. We recently flew to the Pacific Northwest for vacation. At every step of the process, my wife received notices, complements, and remarks over this scooter. Several airline workers took photos of the scooter to send it to a loved one that uses a mobility scooter. A number of workers classified it as a ‘luxury’ brand. So you folks certainly have the ‘look’ correct. It’s a ‘head turner’ which she got a kick out of. The plus side to a positive impression with the airline industry is they took very good care of the unit, while loading and unloading on planes (we watched from the window.)

Thanks guys 

Your Scooter (The Hummer) is very strong and the chair is excellent. I am dividing it into 2 parts

and load it on the car. we enjoy going on picnics and trips often 

You thought of everything


I wanted to say thank you
I am overweight and have trouble walking. have been using your scooter as my feet. I take to the mall and enjoy life as before

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service that I have received from you. A technician came to my house and repaired the scooter.
I’ve had it for 8 years and I continue to enjoy it. You guys are great!

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