Extremely light scooter - Feather


Extremely light scooter – Feather

Feather is an advanced and especially light weight model, made of T7000 high strength aluminum (the strongest and lightest aviation aluminum). Separated into its two main components, the heaviest part is under 22 lbs (or 10 kg), making it the world’s lightest scooter to be loaded into a car trunk!

*with pneumatic tires and w/o removable accessories

With the Feather you can save the extra cost of an electric lifting hoist.

The Feather comes standard with a powerful lead acid battery, or upgrade to a lighter lithium battery with extended range.

Our Feather model comes with four wheels to add stability, without sacrificing the maneuverability of traditional 3-wheeld designs.

The Feather is equipped with our well-known original motors developed by the Tzora engineering team in Kibuts Tzora, Israel. The patented motors have proved their power and reliability, being sold for many years in our Classic models. Tzora mobility scooters are well known all around the world as the most reliable scooters you can get thanks to our unique patented motors.

The Feather is a very lightweight mobility scooter weighing only 41 lbs (18.4 kg), thanks to its ultra high strength aluminum frame. It’s ergonomic  design creates ease of use for the aged and very disabled, not only while driving the scooter but storing it quickly as well, including of course in the trunk of a car! This versatile model can be folded as one piece, or separated into two pieces when storing, making travel easy and enjoyable. With these features, its easy to see why the Feather is considered one of the best lightweight mobility scooters on the market. One can use it both inside and outdoors. Agile enough for in the house, and shops. Powerful enough for walking trips with family and friends. The Feather is approved for flight, on all airlines, enabling enhanced independence and mobility. It is designed with no connectors, latches or mechanisms to open when folding or unfolding. The Feather mobility scooter is very easy to operate and store. When finished with the scooter, the battery detaches easily from the frame, to be charged at your most convenient locations.

From the Feather’s light and powerful design to the quick, easy to use storing features, this is the perfect scooter for everyday chores or travel!

Main Features: Feather

  • Fold or separate easily and quickly
  • Ergonomic easy to use design
  • Extra comfortable chair
  • Adjustable armrest
  • 4-point based chair for extra stability and comfort
  • Combining compact, simple storage (fits into the trunk of your car) and light weight design, the Feather dominates a large part of the mobility scooters market
  • Durable, safe and stable
  • 4 unique wheels
  • Suitable to all-terrain – indoor and outdoor
  • Detachable battery for recharging indoors
  • Flight approved
  • FDA and CE accredited.

Using the Feather

The Feather mobility scooter can travel a distance of 9 miles \ 14.5 miles on one full 5-hour charge. This makes it a great scooter for your shopping needs. Take your Feather scooter out of the trunk and flip it into action in just a few seconds. There is an adjustable speed dial on the dashboard which permits you to adjust your speed to suit your environment. Once you are done shopping, having placed your parcels in the

the basket under your seat, you can return to your car, easily offload your shopping, fold the scooter with the click of a trigger and place it back into the trunk of your car.

Why The Feather

Because it’s light and easy to use, it will enable you to travel independently, almost anywhere. The feather can be folded easily and tucked away in the trunk of your car or loaded on a plane, train, ship and bus. Watch it in action here!

The Compact foldable design of the Classic scooter allows you to easily fold it into one lightweight portable piece, or two more manageable pieces. It is easy to see why the Feather scooter has been given the highest rating in its class.



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Easy to transport as one piece or as two pieces

The Compact foldable design of the Classic scooter allows you to easily fold it into one lightweight portable piece, or two more manageable pieces. It is easy to see why the the Classic scooter has been given the highest rating in its class.

Technical information

driving range 9 miles 15 km
speed 3.7-5 mph (speed governed by law) 6-8kph
battery Lithium (available upgrade) lead acid (standard)
width 23" 58 cm
Length 41" 104 cm
Height 34" 86 cm
Weight 41 lbs 19.5 kg
Folding Folds to the size of a suitcase Folds to the size of a suitcase
Unpacking disassembles into two parts - 22 lb and 19 lb disassembles into two parts - 9.9 kg and 8.5 kg
Dimensions when closed 31.5" x "23 x "21 80X57X53 cm
Maximum load up to 265 lbs up to 120 kg
Horse power 0.7 watts
Wheels solid (anti-puncture). Two wheels in the back, one in front
Tires diamater 8 / width 2 diameter 20 cm width 5 cm
Width between wheels 23" 57 cm
Length between wheels 31.5" 80 cm
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